Canada is full of wonderful places that you will not find in any other place. Every adventure seeker who appreciates nature has this amazing country on his wish list. No wonder, since Canada is the only place in the world with so many yet-untouched areas waiting for you to discover.


Very special part of Canada in terms of the issue of access and uniqueness is British Columbia. Amazing mountain ranges extends from The Rockies to the Pacific. With Kelowna Airport Shuttle you can see all of the beauty of Canadian super-green forests, thousand year old trees and breathtaking glacier streams and swollen rivers at the bottom of them. Only here you can assort with whole ecosystems. Mother Nature has made this incredible place the most wonderful home for animals. Not without a reason more and more people want to live here.

Living within arm’s reach of nature’s richness is a great alternative for big cities and living in rush. British Columba is currently third most populated province – just after Ontario and Quebec. It is inhabited by 4.5 million people. Visiting British Columbia you must visit the Capital City of the province – Victoria located on Vancouver Island. You must see this awesome area of 944.735 km sq of green forests and high mountains with the highest point – Fair-weather Mountain amounting to over 4500m.

Take a walk along the Fraser River side and take a short cruise on the largest Canadian lake – Williston Lake. With Kelowna Shutte Airport you can easily see the most coveted place in Canada especially in British Columbia. Check out our rich range of trips and local tours and choose your own way of sightseeing. We customise all of our services for our clients to be fully satisfied. As far we succeed it and enjoy growing popularity and good fame. Hope to see you on a tour!