Come with us and explore the wilderness of the westernmost province of Canada, British Columbia. This amazing place is placed in the most fabulous location between the Pacific Ocean and Rocky Mountains.


Discover this mysterious land of former colony founded to make the area a part of the British Empire. Exactly, British Columbia was created as the second England. Visit the historical city of Victoria and today most populated and most touristic city in this part of the country – Vancouver. Combine the beauty of Canadian nature and many attractions on this two-day tour across the British Columbia.

We offer you one of our top trips, guided journey around one of the most specific areas of the country. Take an advantage of a range of opportunities we give you – from relaxing cruise on Okanagan Lake to more dynamic activities like rock climbing, watching the landscape from helicopter end so on. This tour is for both those who need to take a rest as well as for those coveting extreme experiences. The best of this tour is that you can customise it. We provide you with a range of various activities but it is up to you which of them you choose.

It includes soaring adventure by plane, a trip to glacier lakes, watching majestic waterfalls, climbing snow-capped mountains. Let’s go into the wilderness of the Canadian mountains. Also, if you are a keen fisher, you will certainly find it awesome that we can take you to the most popular Canadian fishing village in the whole British Columbia.


  • Visit the historical city of Victoria.
  • Take a walk along Vancouver’s chasing avenues.
  • See glacier lakes.
  • Go of a cruise on Okanagan Lake.
  • Climb the rocky mountains of British Columbia.
  • Fish in the most fish-city of Canada.
  • Experience the adventure into the wild.

We provide:

  • English and french speaking tour guide.
  • Full assistance of professional driver.
  • 5 star hotel accommodation.
  • Breakfast included.
  • Lunch packet each day.
  • Door-to-door service.
  • Professional service.

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