Kelowna is a beautiful city placed in Okanagan Valley on chamirng Okanagan Lake. They say this part of Canada is the prettiest one. What interesting the name of the town derives from an Okanagan language that today only few persons are able to speak. Kelowna means “grizzly bear”. Though it is not a big place it is the 22nd largest in whole Canada.


The town is inhabited by almost 180 thousands of people. The city his primarily known for it’s fast development that was especially seen at the beginning of 20th century. The city is one one hundred old and in 2005 it observed its Centennial.

There is always good time for visiting this beautiful place. With Kelowna Airport Shuttle you have this unusual opportunity to sightsee the whole city including the most important historic spots. The tour starts in historical Chinatown. This ancient area is located between Leon Avenue and Harvey Venue. Not many people know that in the olden days, almost 20% of Kelowna’s population were Chinese. However, today only 1% of the citizens are Chinese but still we can admire their culture remaining like the historical Chinatown.

From Chinatown we go to see the biggest in the British Columbia over 2,000 seat outdoor stadium – Apple Bowl. Then, we take you for a short trip to Kelowna local art galleries and to the Centre of Gravity Festival in City Park. Also, since the city is also very popular in Canada Wineries destination, you will have an opportunity to visit the best wineries and taste the best Canadian wines.


  • Visit Chinatown.
  • Take a trip to the best local Kelowna’s art galleries.
  • See the Apple Bowl.
  • Visit Centre of Gravity Festival in City Park.
  • Try the best Canadian wines in the best Kelowna’s wineries.

We provide:

  • Door-to-door service.
  • Full assistance of our french and english speaking drivers.
  • Free and english speaking professional tour guide.
  • Transfers by luxury BMW vehicles.
  • Fuel and parking costs included.

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